The old port

At the crossroads of all Cannes passions

Authentic and friendly, the Old Port is a typical Cannes place. At the foot of the Suquet and open to the Croisette, it is here that yachts, shuttles from the Lérins Islands and fishermen’s boats meet. Between conviviality, animations and History(s), let’s discover this inescapable bridge between land and sea.

The Old Port

The Old Port

a prelude to all kinds of expeditions

Lord Brougham

the founding anecdote of Cannes

The Old Port, where it all began! A small fishing port since the origins of the city that overlooks it, it was also the haven of the famous Lord Brougham in December 1834. On his way to Italy, he found himself blocked at the border because of a cholera epidemic.

Forced to turn back, he discovered the shores of Cannes, then a tiny fishing village. He remained there all his life, working for the development of the town and bringing the English aristocracy with him. They left the shore to build beautiful villas on the western hill of Cannes. We can say that chance did it well!

Gateway to the Suquet

The Old Port is intimately linked to the Suquet district. This promontory overlooking Cannes also tells the story of the city. On these cobblestones, at the bend in the streets, it is easy to imagine the generations of Cannois who have walked down these streets, played in front of these porches and called out to each other from one house to another.

At the top of the medieval streets, the Place de la Castre reveals the historical treasures of the town: its castle, the square tower and the church of Notre-Dame-d’Espérance.

It is also 100 metres from the beautiful Forville market hall where fishermen come to sell their night’s catch every morning.

Departure point for the Lérins Islands

A privileged witness to the life of the people of Cannes, the Old Port is also a benevolent observer of their movements. A few steps from the Vieux Port, from the Quai Laubeuf jetty, you can see the beautiful Lérins Islands, which are just waiting to be explored.

In a few minutes, the shuttle bus takes us across the waves to these islands of nature. The view of Cannes from the sea is worth the diversions! Besides, we think it would be a good idea to take a look at the other ports of Cannes: Port Canto, Port du Moure Rouge, Port Pointe Croisette and Port Saint-Honorat.

nautical events

Sailboats in the spotlight

In Cannes, classic sailing is a real institution. Since 1929, the Régates Royales have brought together the finest yachtsmen. A renowned adventure and an appointment not to be missed by yachtsmen from all over the world. In September, this week of competition is an opportunity for us to admire the old rigs moored on the Quai Saint-Pierre, ready to do battle on the waves.

The Cannes Yachting Festival

Another important event for sailing enthusiasts is the Cannes Yachting Festival

On the Port Canto and the Vieux Port, the festival welcomes more than 600 motor and sailing boats but also more than 430 exhibitors and numerous previews. A unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations and to dream of sailing, too, on these formidable yachts.

The tradition of Provençal jousting

This is a show that will delight young and old alike! During the summer, the Old Port becomes the scene of some of the most joyous battles. In front of the Quai Saint-Pierre, you can cheer on your favourite players, experience the intensity of these nautical battles and marvel at the spectacular dives.

A place to meet and share

Good restaurants at the dock

It is sometimes said that the sea air makes you hungry. Legend or truth, in any case, it is always pleasant to sit down in a good restaurant. On the Vieux Port, the Quai Saint-Pierre is a place of choice for gourmets. On a terrace, with a view of the boats, you are ready for an excursion through the flavours.

The Old Port

Discovering the fishermen of Cannes

On the edge of the port, opposite the Town Hall and at the corner of the Quai Saint Pierre, you can find these chests which contain the treasure of the fishermen, their nets. Before being put away, they are strewn on the ground with their beautiful crimson colours with a gradation to the colour of sand.

The early risers will be able to see them coming back in the morning, but it will be easier to find their wives and families in the morning at the Forville market and discover the fish of the day.

Night Market and Old Port Festival in summer

During the summer months, the Old Port is bustling. In July and August, one evening a week, the night markets take place on the Quai Saint-Pierre for a moonlit market. It is a pleasant moment to enjoy the cool evening air while indulging in a little shopping.