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Rendez-Vous in Cannes

How about a Rendez-Vous in Cannes? For a gourmet break or a moment of escape by the sea? At the bend in the market or at the top of a rooftop? At sunrise or sunset? Whatever your mood, Rendez-Vous in Cannes is for you.

Our talents love Cannes

Chefs, bartenders, sculptors, sailors… our talents have understood that Cannes is the ideal city to express themselves. For these enthusiasts, Cannes offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration, a playground like nowhere else.

If Cannes inspires talent, the reverse is no less true. Every day, the history of Cannes is written with them.

We look forward to meeting you…

Lori MoreauLori Moreau
©Lori Moreau
Lori Moreau
Chef at Five Seas Hotel

Brunch with a panoramic view!

Concerned about the quality of her produce, Lori buys from local producers, notably at the Forville market, and likes to serve her own fruit juices in the dining room, to share a convivial moment with her guests. As the seasons change, the chef makes the most of the products of the moment to offer an ever more inventive and tasty cuisine, to be discovered without moderation!

Emanuele Balestra Bar Fouquets@alban Couturier 2Emanuele Balestra Bar Fouquets@alban Couturier 2
©Emanuele Balestra Bar Fouquets@alban Couturier 2
Emanuele Balestra
Mixologist at the Fouquet's Bar

Taste a cocktail made in Cannes!

Self-taught and passionate, Emanuele Balestra creates his own cocktails. From the vegetable garden to the backyard, from the hives of his bees to his ultra-confidential laboratory, every step is key in the elaboration of flavors and fragrances. A Balestra cocktail is the fruit of long, patient attention, so of course these cocktails are never forgotten. Whether you’ve just returned from a day’s shopping or want to kick off an evening with friends, there’s no better excuse to indulge!

Jason Portrait 02Jason Portrait 02
©Jason Portrait 02
Jason De Caires Taylor
Sculptor and underwater photographer

Try your hand at aquatic adventure!

Jason De Caires Taylor is an undisputed artist and environmentalist, combining his sculptural talents with his love of the marine world to create works that encourage the natural growth of aquatic species. The artist’s aim is to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of the underwater environment, while offering an initiatory and poetic interlude. Dive into the turquoise waters of the Lérins Islands to meet the 6 sculptures featuring the faces of Cannes. Accessible to all with mask and snorkel, the experience is both unusual and rich in meaning.

David PalanqueDavid Palanque
©David Palanque
David Palanque
Best French Barman

Treat yourself to the most famous of cocktails!

Trained in the grand hotels of Paris, David Palanque chose to set down his cocktail shaker at the famous Harry’s Bar in Cannes. Opening in 2021, the Cannes address, located in the Grand Large area of the Port Canto, is based on the codes of the famous Harry’s New York bar in Paris, but with a touch of the Côte d’Azur! For David Palanque, it all starts with a smile and a “bonjour” – in short, with a minimum of warmth and elegance, the first ingredients of a successful cocktail!

Lucie De GennesLucie De Gennes
©Lucie De Gennes
Lucie De Gennes
Junior Sailing Champion

Dreaming of setting sail!

Driven by a passion for sailing, this true champion has already swept up several titles with her teammate Matisse Pacaud, and could well make a bigger splash at the Paris 2024 Olympics! Sailor and competitor, Lucie is above all a lover of the sea. With its harbors, its famous Croisette and its islands, Cannes offers the perfect setting to enjoy the sea from every angle! Whether you’re watching the fishermen return from fishing on their old pointus boats, or admiring the world’s most beautiful sailing ships, particularly during the Régates Royales, the spectacle of the old Port of Cannes is always on view!

Express your talent too!

Choose your playground in Cannes

Apprentice pastry chef? Photographer in your spare time? Experienced sports competitor? Curious by nature? Looking for new experiences? Cannes has the perfect setting for you to live out your passions. Discover all the facets of the city and get inspired.

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