La Croisette By Night©herve Fabre 02La Croisette By Night©herve Fabre 02
©La Croisette By Night©herve Fabre 02|HerveFABRE-Photographies

Festive Cannes

the time of joy at nightfall

At the first light of dusk, when the bay is adorned with beautiful orange colours, the festive life of Cannes begins to quiver. Elegantly dressed, we are ready to taste the many pleasures of the night in Cannes. Hotels, events, gastronomy, shows, the night here sparkles in all directions.

Moments of luxury

hotels on the Croisette

What could be more precious than starting an evening in the refined atmosphere of a 5-star hotel? Comfortably installed in the red armchairs of the Bar Galerie Fouquet’s at the Majestic Barrière, you can enjoy a stunning cocktail by Emmanuele Balestra, a true alchemist of aromatic flavours. For a more “French Riviera” atmosphere, head for the Hotel Martinez. The Martinez Bar has a “cruise and yachting” decor, and here the cocktail is an experience that is lived to the full.


Throughout the year

Recognised events

Cannes is a city of events. The best known is undoubtedly the Cannes Film Festival, a great celebration of cinema. But it is not the only one. Throughout the year, there is no shortage of opportunities to get together and celebrate. At the Palais des Festivals, the calendar of events is always full. Shopping, which is another of Cannes’ passions, also has its own events, including the unmissable Sales and the City

Looking away and
feasting your eyes

Enjoying a magnificent view of the bay of Cannes while tasting drinks and food of choice is also part of the art of living in Cannes. On a rooftop terrace, on the sand of a beach, at a restaurant table or at the counter of a chic bar, the places change but the pleasure remains intact. From the aperitif hour to the heart of the night, the magic of Cannes keeps all its promises.

Places to have fun
until dawn

Whatever the mood, whatever the time, Cannes offers everyone moments of joy. At the theatre, you can be transported to unknown places and stories. At the Casino, we play like big kids and dream of winning the treasure. In the nightclub, you dance to the rhythm of the music as if the night never ended.