Rue Hoche Cannes© Mairie De CannesRue Hoche Cannes© Mairie De Cannes
©Rue Hoche Cannes© Mairie De Cannes

Gourmet break in Cannes
while shopping

For a successful shopping day in Cannes with friends, there’s nothing like a gourmet break between two shopping sessions to regain your strength. Where to bite into a giant cookie? Or drink a latte macchiato? Where to enjoy a pastry in a tea room? Discover my selection of addresses for all tastes!

By AblaCarolyn
Cannes blogger

Author of the blog AblaCarolyn and Riviera City Guide, Côte d'Azur France Ambassador and journalist, I share my fashion, food and lifestyle finds in Cannes.


The cookie is the new macaroon. An inseparable part of a snack, perfect with tea or a latte macchiato, this small round chocolate chip biscuit is now on the lips of all foodistas. Fiercely trendy, the cookie 2.0 adapts to all tastes and diets. In organic or vegan versions, with ultra-gourmet flavours or unusual colours, the cookie is transformed into a work of art in the heart of the Cannes addresses that have made it a speciality.

Maison Charlotte Busset

Local and Organic

To congratulate yourself on your shopping, there’s nothing like biting into a cookie without feeling guilty! Charlotte Busset’s credo is organic, healthy and tasty cookies. In its rue Hoche showcase, you can enjoy a whole range of gluten-free, vegan and low-sugar biscuits on the spot or to take them away, as well as ultra-gourmet recipes with peanut butter, in the style of the flavours that rocked our childhood, or embellished with fruit or crunchy nuggets.

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Emilie and the cool kids

The Côte d’Azur pioneer

At the helm of this cookie success story are two Côte d’Azur women who have set up no less than fifteen spots in France and abroad with their famous cookie recipes. In Cannes, it’s on rue Hoche that you should put your shopping bag down to taste the cookie of the day accompanied by a caramel macchiato or a chocochamallow. A local coffee shop with fresh products and home-made pastries.

Jojo’s dough

The star of social networks!

Known far beyond the borders of Cannes, Jojo’s dough has become a cookie reference thanks to Tiktok. Born online, this neo-specialist of this biscuit, which can be declined as much as you like, is dedicated to those who are careful about their figure. Located in the rue Tony Allard, the little pink shop is always busy! Cheesecake flavour, crazy Nutella, white chocolate and hazelnuts, matcha tea and cream, the recipes with generous fillings compete in creativity. Take them to your favourite shopping street to enjoy.

Well-deserved shopping break

in a tea room

Strolling along the Rue d’Antibes or the Croisette, discovering the boutiques, is well worth a break during the day to enjoy a pastry in a cosy and elegant place. The most emblematic tea rooms in Cannes are located in the rue Hoche or near rue du Commandant André, where you can sit on the terrace or in the lounge of one of Cannes’ favourite addresses.

The Môka

More than a café

The Môka opened its doors in April 2022, on the corner of rue Florian and rue du Commandant André in Cannes. Môka is more than a café, it’s a real place to live! Open non-stop from 9am to 6pm, the Môka welcomes you for breakfast and lunch or to eat an artisanal ice cream or a home-made pastry, on the spot or to take away.

When wandering around the city, it is rare to find a place to eat away from the noise and frenzy of the city. This place exists in Cannes. In a decor of impressionist colours, Le Môka welcomes you outside on its large terrace, under its white canvases or inside around a bar which invites convivial exchanges.


Tea tasting at any time

It’s a Cannes ritual when you go shopping in Cannes, start your day or take a break at Volupté, a tea room with a chic and deliciously retro feel. On its immaculate terrace or comfortably installed in the cosy space of its lounge, you can enjoy a range of teas, from the most classic to the most exotic blends, from morning to afternoon. To accompany this tea time, a slice of homemade cake or a nice brioche toast, unless you are a savoury eater, in which case you will be tempted by the minute-made rolls, filled with cold meats and Italian cheeses or marinated salmon with avocado or cream.