Cannes Croisette© Tom Franck 04 MCannes Croisette 2021
©Cannes Croisette 2021|©Tom Franck Mazzarese

Discover Cannes

and its generous soul

Cannes is a prestigious city, known throughout the world for its Croisette and its red carpet. But this is only one of the many facets of the city. A land of history and culture, Cannes surprises and seduces. Let’s go and visit Cannes, its picturesque districts, its preserved nature and its unmissable monuments.

One city

for a multitude of landscapes

Districts with a strong character

Cannes is proud of its Provençal, hedonistic and generous character. Each of its districts reveals a trait of its personality. There is the remarkable splendour of the Croisette, with its boutiques and luxury hotels, and the intimate charm of the Suquet, with its steep streets and its testimonies of the past. The conviviality of the Old Port, welcoming sea travellers every day, and the lively bustle of the town centre with its shops and terraces are delightful. Cannes is a multi-faceted character that can be visited as you explore it.

The green paradises of the Lérins Islands

Like little mirages off the bay of Cannes, the Lérins Islands are admired. Do these little jewels of nature really exist? Can we get closer to them? That is the magic of the excursions to Sainte-Marguerite or Saint-Honorat. Paths lined with pine trees and turquoise beaches for one, vineyards and a Cistercian monastery for the other, these two preserved islets reserve their share of surprises and wonders.

Beaches to relax and have fun

As everywhere in the Mediterranean, the beach is a real place of life here. Throughout the day, Cannes’ beaches welcome onlookers enjoying the sun, children building sandcastles and sports enthusiasts looking for thrills. In the evening, the beaches of the Croisette are dressed in their finest attire to welcome fine gourmets and refined night owls.


memories of visits

to take home

A unique heritage to visit

There is no shortage of places to visit as you walk through the streets and valleys of Cannes. Cinema lovers from all over the world know the red carpet of the Palais des Festivals and the mythical Boulevard de la Croisette. The Suquet district and the Forville market are a delightful immersion in the art of living in Provence.