Feux d'artifice de la société Pyrovision (Autriche) au Festival d'Art Pyrotechnique de Cannes 2010
(Photo by Eric Dervaux)Feux d'artifice de la société Pyrovision (Autriche) au Festival d'Art Pyrotechnique de Cannes 2010 (Photo by Eric Dervaux)
All year round

Celebrating culture

In Cannes, culture is in full swing. Throughout the seasons, the city offers a multitude of exhibitions, shows and visits. A rich and diversified agenda for all ages, all tastes and all desires. Cinema, dance, games, music… Let’s embark on a tour of Cannes’ cultural offer.

Cannes Dance Festival

For 35 years, the Cannes – Côte d’Azur France Dance Festival has been making the people of the Côte d’Azur move. This biennial event brings together the greatest personalities in the world of dance, both nationally and internationally. With performances, workshops, conferences and master classes, the program offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the art of movement.

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The museums of Cannes

treasures of knowledge

Journey to the cultures of the world

At the top of the Suquet district, called La Castre, nestles the Museum of World Explorations. Overlooking the city and its region, it is like a bird that takes us around the world. Primitive art from the Himalayas and Tibet, Oceania, pre-Columbian America, Mediterranean antiquities, musical instruments from around the world, orientalist paintings and objects from the 19th century… A fascinating journey!


The faces of the deep

For this museum, it is advisable to be equipped with a mask and a snorkel. Original, isn’t it? On Sainte-Marguerite Island, the artist Jason deCaires Taylor has placed 6 statues of Cannes’ faces in the water, between 3 and 5 metres deep. A formidable cultural and environmental project, this underwater Ecomuseum is a well thought-out curiosity.

In Cannes

culture for all and for everyone

Raising oneself through the arts

From a very young age, the children and teenagers of Cannes grow up with culture as a means of learning. Through the 100% Artistic and Cultural Education scheme, projects are multiplying to encourage encounters, knowledge and artistic practices.