Authentic Cannes

The Provençal art of living

Sincere and friendly, Cannes reveals its Provençal soul to those who take the time to listen to it and discover it. From its warm markets to its festive terraces, through its colorful streets, Cannes reveals itself differently. Let’s stroll around and let ourselves be carried away by this generous and exhilarating character.

The Suquet

the soul of the city

Overlooking the Old Port, the Suquet is the historical district of Cannes. With its steep streets, balconies and green gardens, this hill is a delight for the eyes. The picturesque Provençal life exhales from each of these stones. At the top of the medieval streets, the Place de la Castre reveals the historical treasures of the city…


Cannes Old Port

meetings and maritime expeditions

At the crossroads of navigation and history, the Old Port has always welcomed the people of the sea. Yachts meet here the fishermen’s “pointus” and sailboats. It is in this typical and warm atmosphere that everyone likes to meet during the numerous events that punctuate the life of the Old Port…

The city centre,

lively streets and shopping paradise

In the streets of the center, the heart of the city beats strongly. On the Cours Félix Faure, the bistro owners have set up their terraces. Comfortably installed in the shade of an umbrella, we enjoy our morning coffee while observing the comings and goings. A few moments of preamble before surveying the multitude of stores of the rue Hoche, the rue d’Antibes and the luxurious Carré d’Or…

The markets,

traditions and pleasures to share

In Cannes, the pleasure of the table is not an empty word. In the morning as well as at nightfall, the city comes alive with the rhythm of the markets. Forville market in Suquet, Gambetta or La Bocca market during the day, night markets in the evening, each one has its own identity but all share the same friendly atmosphere, a promise of exchanged smiles and savored pleasures…

Gourmet breaks

while shopping

Shopping is a real institution here. In an intense day spent pacing the many stores of the city center, it is salutary to allow yourself tasty little breaks. Sweet or savory, the gourmets of the break have something to awaken their taste buds, at any time of the day…