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The Suquet

another facet of Cannes that seduces the soul

From the top of its promontory, the Suquet district watches over Cannes. This is where it all began, when the town was just a small fishing village. By exploring the Suquet district, you can feel what really makes the soul of Cannes. It is through these streets that we discover a fascinating historical past, a lively place of culture and one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the city. Let’s get lost in these winding streets and dive into the living soul of Cannes.

The Suquet

The gourmet gateway

to the Suquet

A feast for the taste buds on Meynadier street

To begin this little excursion, we take Meynadier street which leads to the foot of the Suquet. This street alone is already worth a visit. Delicatessens, canneries, confectioners… With all these food shops, it is a real paradise for the taste buds!

The colourful stalls of the Forville market

Narrow and friendly, Meynadier street leads to the apotheosis of gourmets: the Forville market. In this beautiful orange building, market gardeners, fishmongers and florists rub shoulders and offer the people of Cannes their most beautiful products. One does not miss the opportunity to taste the famous socca, a Provencal speciality. You have to be strong to go up to the Suquet, don’t you?

Sharing and conviviality as a motto

From the first steps in these streets, one discovers what also makes the culture of Suquet: its animated life. Restaurants, small shops, there are plenty of places to spend a good time in these convivial alleys. Not to mention the many events that take place there throughout the year.

The charm of the cobbled streets

and its memories of yesteryear

Greeters, precious companions of the visit

This is where we meet Nicole, a greeter. This passionate Cannes native spent her childhood in The Suquet. With her, we will discover the district, in the light of her memories and anecdotes.

A district full of memories

Accompanied by Nicole, we stroll through these cobbled streets, with their picturesque facades and bougainvilleas full of flowers in summer. It’s a magnificent setting, perfect for beautiful photos! We take the time to go from one street to another, from the rue Saint-Antoine to the rue du Suquet and, along the way, we find ourselves at the crossroads of several streets where a small fountain, the fountain of the Suquet, stands. This is where Nicole used to play as a child. She tells us about the small itinerant traders, the sounds and the scents of this district of Cannes, once so popular.

When culture permeates the walls

Le Suquet des Art(iste)s: an unusual place

It is on this square that we explore an original place: the Suquet des Art(iste)s. Established within a former morgue, this place has something to surprise. It is here that 4 contemporary artists from Cannes have set up their studio: Olivia Paroldi, Olivier Domin aka “Olll”, Richard Ferri-Pisani and Grégory Berben. Painting, collages, engravings, sculptures… Creativity is king here. With its corridors, its rounded alcoves and its play of light, the Suquet des Art(iste)s is an atypical and ideal exhibition space in which one can immerse oneself in an instant.

The fabulous journey to the Museum of World Explorations

We continue our gentle ascent to the top of the Suquet, called the Castre. Here we find the church of Notre-Dame-d’Espérance and the medieval castle of the monks of Lérins, with its square tower. It houses the Museum of World Explorations. This museum is a real treasure trove of collections from all over the world and from very ancient times. Orientalist objects from 19th century Iran, Inuit subjects sculpted from walrus bone, weapons and ornaments made of hair or shells from Oceania, antiquities from the Mediterranean… We cross the centuries and the cultures of the world, carried by its mysteries, its rites and its legends.

On leaving the museum, you can’t help but enjoy the landscape. From the Castre, the view over Cannes is breathtaking. You really have the impression of dominating the whole city!

Extra info

For those who wish, it is possible to take the electric bus to go up to the Suquet.