Star silhouettes and red carpet

Approach the Palais des Festivals and let yourself be captured by the magic of the Festival in the wake of the stars. With the Path of the Stars, let yourself be taken in by the footprints moulded on the ground all around the Palais.

As you walk along, surprise, surprise, real-life stars pose at the top of the steps and invite you to immortalise the moment. And for the more impatient perhaps, or for the cleverer ones, we offer you the ideal solution for successful photos on the red carpet…with an Instagram filter!

The Path of the Stars

A hand-in-hand stroll with stars

Like the “Walk of Fame” in Los Angeles, Cannes has its own “Chemin des Étoiles” in front of the Palais des Festivals.

The stars come to Cannes and then leave… but not without leaving a trace! They give us the gift of their footprints, frozen on the ground in stainless steel mouldings.

150 footprints decorate the pavement of Cannes. Take a walk around the Palais and its gardens to discover them and touch the myth.

Awaken your inner star

Did you miss your photo on the steps? Or you simply ran out of time? Don’t panic, we have the solution: a special red carpet Instagram filter!

To access it :

  • Go to the Instagram account of the destination Cannes @cannesfrance
  • Click on the three small stars to go to the filter tab
  • Click on the video and then on “try” next to the camera
  • Take a break and share this moment on Instagram

A starry trompe-l'oeil

for your year-round staircase

More real than life, the stars are waiting for you at the top of the steps!

The latest innovation: a trompe-l’oeil composed of the biggest international stars who have marked the Festival’s ascent of the steps.

Penelope Cruz, Pedro Almodovar, Julia Roberts, Georges Clooney, Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio… All of them are waiting for you to pose, you’ll see, it’s amazing!

Each of the stars represented was photographed during a walk up the steps by the official photographer Gilles Traverso who has been covering the event for 45 years.

So, with or without evening clothes, take your selfies!

In place all year round, except during congresses and festivals.