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The markets of Cannes :

An authentic journey to the heart of local specialities

Living the Cannes experience necessarily involves a short trip to the market! Gourmets will turn to the Provençal markets to discover local products that smell of Provence. Impossible to leave with an empty basket!

Who says market also says crafts and flea markets. In Cannes, it’s quite an art… Let yourself be carried away by the good humor of the exhibitors who like to share their know-how and their passion for old objects.

And if you have a little space left in your suitcases, take a short tour of the summer night markets which in turn enliven the Quai Saint Pierre, the boulevard Jean Hibert and the Bocca market square.


that smell of Provence

The markets in Cannes are inevitably reminiscent of Provence! With the singing accent, the colours, the good smells and above all the good mood!

Each market invites you to the most beautiful sensory experience. First of all, it is a festival of colours on the stalls with the fruits and vegetables grown in the Cannes basin. The green of the chard, the yellows and oranges of the citrus fruits, the red of the southern tomato or the black of the small olives of the region.

It is above all a treat for the taste buds. Producers, market gardeners and shopkeepers are delighted to let you taste their products. Local specialities, charcuterie, Mediterranean fish, fresh herbs… what a delight!

Market days

From Tuesday to Sunday, all year round, the 3 Provençal markets share the limelight and welcome you to the different districts of the town.

The Forville Market

The must-see

Located in the heart of Cannes, under the oldest market hall in town, it is the soul of Cannes.

You can get there quickly by taking the rue Meynadier which leads to the old town of The Suquet.

Also known as the belly of Cannes, this market is the reference for starred chefs who come to stock up.

Seasonal products, local fish, sun-drenched vegetables and fruit, flowers, this large covered market is a real gourmet trip!

Open every morning, except on Mondays when there is a flea market.

The Gambetta Market

The bargain market

Located on the square of the same name, in the extension of the very friendly rue Hoche, this neighbourhood market offers every morning a selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables, local fish, flowers, and a selection of clothing that is conducive to bargains.

Open every morning (except Monday).

La Bocca market

The meeting place for the people of Cannes

This market located in the west of the city, in the popular district of Cannes la Bocca, is the daily meeting place for the inhabitants of the district. People come here to meet their neighbours, to spend a warm and friendly moment and of course, to fill their baskets with seasonal vegetables, fresh fish and freshly cut flowers. Just like on the Gambetta market, you can also find flowers and clothes.

Open every morning (except Monday)

Clothing market on Saturdays and Wednesdays

Brocantes, arts and crafts,

the markets of Cannes are full of treasures

Antique lovers, book lovers or collectors of all kinds of objects, take a stroll through the antiques and crafts markets and keep your eyes open!

The brocante at the Forville market

The magnificent market hall, which houses the Provencal market on the other days of the week, makes way for the second-hand market every Monday. Books, porcelain, old objects or rare pearls… it’s up to you to find them.

Every Monday from 7am to 5.30pm.

Second-hand goods, arts and crafts in the Allées de la Liberté

Facing the Port of Cannes and in the shade of the plane trees, the second-hand dealers set up shop every weekend with their most beautiful finds. All kinds of trinkets, rare objects, old books, porcelain and crystal.

In addition, artists join in the decor and exhibit paintings and arts and crafts to be discovered without moderation.

Flea market : Sat and Sun from 8am to 6pm

Arts and crafts : Sat and Sun from 8am to 6pm

The Cannes night markets,

craft markets where it is good to stroll on summer evenings

During the months of July and August, the Cannes night markets offer picturesque and attractive craft markets where local products, decorative objects and costume jewellery are on display at nightfall.

Located alternately on the Old Port of Cannes, on the Boulevard Jean Hibert, on the Esplanade Pantiero or in the heart of the popular district of La Bocca, these markets are an opportunity to take advantage of the mild summer evenings and to bring back some souvenirs to offer.

Where does it take place?

Thursday evenings – Promenade Jean Hibert

Wednesday evenings – La Bocca market

Monday evenings – Esplanade Pantiero


What time?

From 7pm to midnight

Where does it take place?