Cannes le soir Mairie de CannesCannes le soir Mairie de Cannes
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3 days & 2 nights of inspirations

To discover Cannes in a few days is to experience the city more intensely. Neighbourhoods, heritage, nature and trendy bars, it is full of unique places to explore and experience. Let’s discover the many facets of Cannes in just three days and two nights.

Day 1

At night, Cannes sparkles

The first moments of discovery

As soon as we set foot on the ground in Cannes, the excitement is already there. The city and its surprises are ours! As we leave the station, we discover the city, seduced by the effervescence of the night that is gradually falling. To get to the hotel, we wander through the pretty streets of Cannes as well as its shopping street, the Grand Rue d’Antibes. For sure, this will be the place of our next shopping trip.

The enchantment of the Croisette

With our bags in our charming little hotel, let’s head for the star of the show: Cannes’ mythical Croisette. Lined with hotels and luxury boutiques, this palm-fringed ribbon runs along the bay. At the end of the Croisette, the famous Palais des Festivals is revealed. Its red carpet, trodden each year by the cream of the film world, is known throughout the world. With this little piece of heaven in front of us, the magic of Cannes begins to work!

An evening of pleasure at the Môme plage

The Croisette in Cannes means private beaches. Lined up below the promenade, each of them is a promise of festivity and idleness. Head to the Môme Plage for a drink and dinner. In this bohemian atmosphere, with your feet in the sand and your eyes turned towards the setting sun, you can enjoy a truly exceptional moment. A little later, the atmosphere takes a few degrees more, to the sound of the music, everyone starts to dance and sing.

Day 2

Unusual districts and stories

Le Suquet

The Cannes of yesteryear

This morning, let’s discover the historical part of Cannes. To start in beauty, we take a coffee on the terrace of rue Félix Faure and then head for the Forville market. Fruits, vegetables and local delicacies colour the stalls. As we pass by, the flowers reveal their sweet perfumes. This market is the gateway to the historic Suquet district. We are immediately immersed in a village atmosphere, picturesque and friendly. Nicole, a local greeter, accompanies us and tells us about her childhood memories of this place. As we walk through the narrow streets and up the small stairs, we reach the top of the hill, called La Castre. The view is splendid!

La Castre and its historical treasures

At the top of the Suquet, La Castre dominates the town. It is also where the church of Notre-Dame de l’Espérance is located, as well as the medieval castle of the monks of Lérins, with its square tower. The castle houses the Museum of World Explorations. Like a real treasure chest, this place houses an incredible collection of objects from unknown civilisations and countries. A most surprising journey!

The splendour and misadventures of California

Cannes has no shortage of unusual places and we set off to explore another of its districts: California. Accompanied by a greeter, Simone, we discover this hill and its magnificent residences. As a true enthusiast, Simone explains the history of each one, the Russian high society that settled here in 1848, the illustrious inhabitants and the juicy anecdotes… A visit that keeps you on the edge of your seat! To remember all the little and big stories of the day, we end up having a drink, comfortably installed at the Martinez bar.

Day 3

Walks in the open air

The tranquillity of

La Croix des Gardes

This last day will be dedicated to nature. First of all, let’s go for a walk through the green lung of the city : the Croix des Gardes hill. It is a magnificent landscape that reveals itself as we walk along. Charmed by the fragrance of the mimosas in flower, we enjoy the view of the Esterel. A little further on, the horses of the local gendarmerie and a family of donkeys are resting peacefully. The Croix des Gardes is a protected site where it is good to walk, enjoy the calm and the view of the Cannes hinterland.

The authenticity of the Old Port

The fresh air is exhausting! We stop on the Pantiero promenade, near the Old Port, to buy some food. This is where you will find a small local snacking institution: Philcat. It is said that the “Pan Bagnat” there are to die for. Never mind, let’s try it! After a short visit of the Old Port, we decide to enjoy our lunch in an idyllic setting: Sainte-Marguerite Island.

The natural charms of Sainte-Marguerite Island

A few minutes by shuttle brings you closer to this little piece of land that you used to admire from the Croisette. Sainte-Marguerite Island, one of the two islands of Lérins, is a historical jewel and a true haven of peace. In the heart of the pines and eucalyptus trees, on the edge of the turquoise waters, the setting is most luxurious. After a visit to the Fort Royal, you can refresh yourself by venturing in search of the submerged statues of the underwater eco-museum. Cannes is definitely full of unique places and experiences that we will definitely come back for more.