Médiathèque Noailles Cannes©mairie De Cannes FabreMédiathèque Noailles Cannes
©Médiathèque Noailles Cannes©mairie De Cannes Fabre|HerveFABRE-Photographies ©mairie De Cannes Fabre

The most beautiful monuments in Cannes

A city of history, encounters and passion, Cannes has a unique architectural heritage. Over the decades, illustrious visitors have fallen in love with it. They have built buildings to match their love affair. Let’s go on a journey through time to discover the most beautiful monuments in Cannes.

The Suquet district

at the origins of Cannes

A promontory of culture

Like a jewel overlooking the city, the Suquet hill bears witness to the time when Cannes was still a village. With its cobbled streets, picturesque facades and Provencal atmosphere, you are transported back to the Cannes of yesteryear. From the Old Port or the Forville Market, to the summit and its place de La Castre, the climb is a real trip back in time.

Ancient treasures & contemporary art

At the very top of the Suquet, you will discover the Place de la Castre. Here, some of the oldest buildings in Cannes take pride of place. The old castle, dating from the Middle Ages, now houses the Museum of World Explorations. Next to it, a square tower built between the 10th and the end of the 14th century offers an exceptional panorama. A few steps further on is the Notre-Dame-d’Espérance church. Built in 1627, it has welcomed generations of faithful.

Today, the soul of Suquet lives on, within its walls but also through new creative projects such as the Suquet des Artistes, a contemporary residence.

A formidable architectural heritage

from the aristocracy

Two hills studded with exceptional villas

By a happy combination of circumstances, Lord Brougham discovered the small village of Cannes in 1834. He fell in love with it and made it known to the international aristocracy, who themselves invested in the magnificent districts of Croix des Gardes and Californie.

The Villa Rothschild, now the Noailles media library

Built by Baroness Betty de Rothschild in 1881, the eponymous villa and its luxuriant garden are classified as Historic Monuments. Now home to the Noailles media library, this superb villa is a great place to take a walk. At the Villa Rothschild, it is good to let time fly by as you enjoy the readings and cultural events that take place there.

Discovery tours led by lovers

To discover the magnificent homes of Cannes and their history, nothing beats a guided tour. The Cannes archives offer guided tours of neighbourhoods. You can also call on the greeters, local people who love their city and like to share their knowledge and anecdotes.

Pleasure, in its most beautiful settings

The prestige of the great hotels

What would Cannes be without its Croisette and its magnificent hotels, known throughout the world? Since the end of the 19th century, these architectural treasures have appeared in the city. From the art deco style of the Splendid Hotel, the Majestic or the Martinez, to the Haussmannian building of the Cavendish Hotel, there is plenty to marvel at. Built in 1911, the Carlton Hotel is even listed as a Historic Monument.

The emblematic Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

On the Croisette, this is one of the most emblematic places in Cannes. This building with its modern architecture is, on the outside as well as in its functions, a place with multiple facets. It is within these walls that the city’s greatest cultural, professional and tourist events are prepared and held.

A splendour that endures and is renewed

Cannes is teeming with projects, including the rehabilitation of the old Palm Beach Casino. A major place of entertainment in the 1930s, it is being given a makeover to become a complete entertainment venue and regain its former panache.