The Port Canto

luxury and renewal

Nestled at the end of the Croisette, it faces the magnificent Lérins Islands. Today, the Port Pierre Canto has undergone a complete overhaul to become a real place to live and welcome, in luxury, yachtsmen from all over the world.

Port Canto

The référence

for luxury yachting

A strategic port east of Cannes

Inaugurated in the 1960s, Port Pierre Canto was the first private port built in France. Living up to its status as a precursor, it was established in a choice location, looking out onto the Lérins Islands and the magic of the bay. In 2017, the Port Canto is entering a new phase in its history through a major renovation and embellishment project undertaken by the city of Cannes. The aim of this project is to make the port more lively and to offer the 530 boats accommodated a high quality service.

The brand new Espace Grand Large

First of all, the renewal of Port Pierre Canto has been formalised by pedestrian walkways that encourage strolling, relaxation and tranquillity. All around, you can enjoy the quays which have been transformed into real little gardens. Protected from the heat by shade cloths, you can sit back and simply enjoy the passing of time. The central square, named “Espace Grand Large“, is just like the new Port Canto: glamorous and comfortable. For the pleasure of passers-by, but also and above all for boaters, three internationally renowned brands have set up shop. A newfound dynamism has even made Port Pierre Canto a venue for events.

A strong environmental commitment

Since 2008, Port Pierre Canto has been awarded the Blue Flag label, thus testifying to the sustainable tourism development policy undertaken. In 2019, it obtained the European AFNOR “Clean Ports” certification, which has been renewed every year since. It recognises the commitments made to improve water quality, optimise waste and wastewater management, treat pollution and raise awareness among users and boaters.

In Port Canto

places to party or relax

Immersed in an exceptional green setting, the Baôli is a major venue for Cannes’ parties. A restaurant at the beginning of the evening, it is also a club recognised on the international scene.

With a more muted atmosphere, the famous Harry’s Bar will be opening in Cannes in this new Grand Large Port setting in June 2021. Franz-Arthur MacElhone, great-grandson of Harry MacElhone, founder of the famous cocktail bar where the Bloody Mary and the Blue Lagoon were invented, has chosen Cannes to perpetuate the unique atmosphere of the famous bar founded in New York in 1911.