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The Cannes beach guide

The beach is part of Cannes’ DNA. With the Estérel massif in the background and the Lérins islands on the horizon, the destination offers a heavenly setting for swimming. With more than 7 kilometres of fine sand, between public and private beaches, the Cannes coastline is a real place to live in a dream setting. Let yourself be tempted by this sweet promise of idleness that is an integral part of a stay in Cannes! From the Mouré Rouge to the Boulevard du Midi, via the famous private beaches of the Croisette, the coastline invites you to enjoy an unforgettable experience. A lunch on a private beach, a wild evening on the floors in summer, a picnic with your feet in the sand, a game of volleyball with friends… There is plenty to occupy your days and nights on the beaches of Cannes.

From Pointe Croisette to Boulevard du Midi

Choosing your beach

The beaches of the Cannes coastline invite you to a contemplative journey thanks to the magnificent view of the Lérins islands and the Estérel massif.

All the beaches in Cannes have fine sand. A pleasure to walk with your feet in the water thanks to the softness of the sand.

Beaches of the Croisette

Nestled in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, these beaches invite you to enjoy comfort and leisure. They run along the famous Croisette promenade, between the Palais des Festivals and the Roseraie garden. Most of them are privately owned and managed by hotels, and have restaurants for lunch with your feet in the sand. For families, we recommend the Zamenhof beach and the Macé beach, both public, they offer an ideal setting for playing or learning to do the butterfly.

Pointe Croisette & Gazagnaire beaches

Located respectively towards the Palm Beach and towards the port of Mouré Rouge, these beaches are better known to the locals. They are more intimate and offer a number of water sports activities from the nautical base.

The beaches of Boccacabana and Boulevard du Midi

These beaches follow one another along the seafront. A planted and sporty promenade serves these enlarged beaches. Nestled between ochre rocks, the Plage des Rochers is much sought after for its idyllic and romantic setting. Plan to set up your towel from 8am in the summer months.

To discover: the majestic “Apollinaire promenade

This aesthetic work offers a wide public panoramic promenade to enjoy one of the most beautiful views over the bay of Cannes, from the Lérins islands to the peaks of the Estérel. It is part of the “BoccaCabana” programme to redevelop the western coastline, to create a high-quality, popular and family-friendly seafront.

The beaches of the Lérins Islands

Finally, these secret and more secluded beaches are a haven of peace in crystal clear waters. Ideal for a day’s picnic in the shade of the umbrella pines and for diving in the many hidden coves.

The beaches of Cannes

a place to spend your days and nights

With more than 7 kilometres of beach, Cannes invites you to enjoy moments of life with your feet in the sand. Whether you are a lover, a family member, a friend or a colleague, come and try one of the many experiences offered by the Cannes coastline. Free or paid, there is something for every budget.

Lunch on a private beach

Come and try the varied cuisines of the beach restaurants on one of Cannes’ private beaches. About fifteen of them are open all year round, for lunch even during the winter season with the soft melody of the waves.

Wiggling on the floors of private beaches

The summer season offers its share of private parties in Cannes. The beaches invite you to parties hosted by passionate DJs or talented musicians. An experience that can be extended with a midnight swim.

Relaxing on deckchairs and pontoons

Among the 30 private beaches, some offer private pontoons on which you have the pleasant sensation of being alone in the middle of the sea. Among the best known, the pontoons of the biggest hotels on the Croisette: Carlton, Martinez, Majestic. Ideal as a place to drink a glass of champagne with your partner or read a novel on your deckchair while enjoying a tailor-made service.

A water activity from the beach

Rent a kayak or a stand up paddle from the Gazagnaire beach and go on an adventure to the Lerins Islands. Or rent a catamaran, a dinghy or a windsurf from the Club Nautique La Croisette on Bijou Plage.

The Cannes Jeunesse nautical base at Mouré Rouge beach is also the ideal starting point for sailing in the turquoise waters of the Bay of Cannes.

Sports activities with your feet in the sand

Volleyball lovers, go to beach 16 on the Boulevard du Midi. The public beaches Macé and Zamenhof of the Croisette, because of their size, are the ideal place to play with your children with rackets or a ball game.

The new beaches of the Croisette reinvent themselves
The new beaches of the Croisette reinvent themselves
A Cannes, les plages de la Croisette se réinventent